For the scientists, institutions, divers or boaters we can organize for you an ocean-Friendly boat with your requirement and equipment. With crew or not.

Our solutions is for rent or sell.

Pleas feel free to contact us!

Crafting Ocean-Friendly Vessel.

We have different partnership around the world for build your vessel close to you, It’s important for us to participate in the local economy and give to you the possibility and the knowledge for the maintenance and reparation close to the owner.

We are pioneering in the construction of eco-friendly hull with wood, flax/ hemp fiber and green Epoxy.

Withe the year, we have tried many solar system/ propulsion, and we are happy to give our experiance to your project !



Long-life SolarPower Engineering.


We mount our own electrical engine with rugged part from the industry. Newer be afraid to have an engine don’t start on a critical moment, don’t need maintenance except replacement of critical part all the xhour for critical use. It can be fixe quickly if the belt broke, or if a part die.




Design Studies of efficient Vessel.

Mark Wüst and her design Team, our designer has a life of experiance and researche of efficiency in electro-solar boat. He hase drawing and built more than twenty different hull, all was be think to be the most efficient as possible. It ‘s a plaisur for him to make your dream by his drawing.